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Sirjana’s creativity encompasses giving new life to old heirloom jewelry that has emotional value and history that we cherish, but no longer wish to wear because fashion has changed.  

Sirjana’s redesign philosophy is to give heirloom jewelry a new life so that you can wear it today and, in turn, your future generations can wear them for the emotional connection and history. 


Sirjana ensures the integrity of heirloom jewelry is undamaged by developing new concepts for the existing pieces. For example, complex necklaces can be re-configured as simpler multiple pieces that can be worn together or separately, heavy and intricate earrings can be incorporated into necklaces for a modern look, and precious stones can be added to existing necklaces and earrings for a fresh look.

Redesigning Jewelry
Redesigning Jewelry

Here is one such story.


A client’s grandmother wore a rudraksha seed against her heart for over 50 years. At her death, the client's mother placed the rudraksha in a plastic bag and forgot about it. Thirty years later, she offered it to the client asking if she wanted it. The client loved the rudraksha but worried her own daughter would not understand its history or emotional value. She brought it to Sirjana asking how it could be preserved so it would not be considered worthless by the next generation.


It turned out the rudraksha not only had emotional value and history, it was worth quite a lot of money. Sirjana designed a small square 22K gold frame featuring a pichwai painting and uncut diamonds around the frame to reflect the age of the rudraksha. She then suspended the rudraksha below the gold box. The client loves the piece and wears it frequently.

Have an heirloom that you can't wear? Reach to us at and discuss a redesign with Sirjana. You will be amazed and happy with the new life Sirjana will breathe into your jewelry!

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