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The Brand's Promise

Sirjana Singh Fine Jewelry stands for timeless opulence, luxury, and beauty with handcrafted jewels in gold, silver, and high-quality gemstones. Sophisticated jewelry lovers can be assured of unique designs, outstanding craftsmanship from generational karigars (craftsmen), and the highest ethical standards.

Classic Earrings

Outstanding quality

Only gold and silver are used in the jewelry; no alloys of brass or copper are used. For gold plating,only 22K gold is used. All precious and semi-precious gemstones are of top quality. The jewelry features polki (unfinished natural diamonds) of syndicate quality and fancy cut diamonds.  

Unique design aesthetic

Sirjana Singh’s designs are a fusion of modern style grounded in classic jewelry techniques invented in India: enameling on gold and silver, thewa, and jadau. She is inspired by historical monuments, Rajasthani palaces, South Indian temple jewelry, and the Art Deco movement to create modern jewelry that is evocative of glamor and beauty in times gone by.

Art Deco Bracelets

Giving Back

Sirjana supports causes that benefit under-served women and children, both in the U.S. and India.

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